The truth

The most powerful moment in you life is right now.


Right now !

In this moment you are powerful

You have it all

Right now !

and thats the reason you can do whatever you want

Right now

No one can stop you.

There are no limitation

Has never been,and will never be.

Since the day you was born you was powerful and still are.

Lets go back

So if you was born perfect

If you was born with now limitation

Something must gone wrong on the way.

Don’t you agree ?

Theres a gap

Or do you live out your maximum potential today ?

What is your potential ?

Do you know ?

Who told you that you wasn’t perfect ?

Who told you that ?

Why did you listen ?

Who told you that you must accept everything every body tells you ?

Who ?

Is that not a lie ?

Because you don’t need to.

You are powerful

Get yourself a great compass


The first step to setting goals that will bring you an awesome life is to setting goals that makes you excited every day.

Most goals are about a destination. “I want a million dollars.” “I want enlightenment.” “I want a truck.”


Think about setting goals as a life direction. Figure out the things that will create a fun, meaningful, compelling  excited journey.

Ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to spend my life ?
  2. How do i want to spend my time ?
  3. What daily activities will make me want to jump out of bed?
  4. Who can i hang out with,talk with,collaborate with and do this journey with ?

Now set your goal. Choose one that will create the journey you just designed.

In fact, the specific goal you set ,it’s simply setting a direction for the life that you want. With the right journey, it won’t even matter if you reach your goal.


As you can see, the goal is really just a way of making sure we take a meaningful journey. Some journeys are so much fun, people stay on them forever. Your goal is there to excite you, not to enslaves you. If the pursuit of the goal is draining your life, then why keep it? Then change your goal.

We adopt goals for one reason : to change our lives.  Choose the journey that for you would be awesome. The function for a goal ,is like a compass for your life .

And if you ever feel your direction needs changing, change your goal. Because it’s not about where you end up, it’s about the life you live every day. Your life is too precious to settle for less than a outstanding life.

Hey liar

Can you tell me whats going on in your life right now ? I don’t know.You know it .Before i even will look on you,i need you to come with nothing but the truth to me.The truth matter.Not just now ,but in every situation.

Why does people lie ? They lie because they think the lie will save them out of the pain.No one like pain. BUT , No lie will really ever save you from pain.In the moment ,you will feel like your saving your face and life but you don’t. Your just going deeper into your chaos.

Its time to stand up.Take responsibility back in your life.Its time to be a man.Time to be that woman.Its time to be what you are born to be.Not just blame other people when your life suck.When you don’t like whats going on in your life,Its you ,you that create everything.You create whats going on inside of you.You create all the negative feelings inside of you.Not me,not your friends or spouse.Its you !

Thats the fist step,if you want another direction and a better life.If you wanna get rid of all this negative emotions inside of you.Get out of yourself !Get out of this ego.Nothing in this world is just about  you.When its all about you,you will get depressed and not happy.The ego don’t care of other people.The ego care about you and no one else,and thats the problem .The ego want you to be perfect and thats a lie.No one cane ever be perfect.Perfect don’t excist.

So the first step is to give me the truth.Without filters like thoughts and feelings about how you mean people treat you or should treat you.No one will dance the way you want them to dance.Just get used to it.

Are you ready to give me and yourself the whole truth ?

You are dead

No way you can stop now.

Don’t let a little storm stop you

Dont let anything stop you.

Don’t you be that little boy or girl again.

Don’t cry, it will never help you

When was the last time crying did help you ?

Do you know whats really gonna help you ?

When you stand up for yourself.

When you show for yourself and this world that you have balls

When you do what you are meant to be

If you just could listen to the spirit and heart inside of you.

Thats THE REAL ENGINE inside of you.

There is no way i will let you step down.

I am here to back you up

I am here to back up the REAL YOU.

Not the crying boy

Thats not you.

I can see the real you

The power ,the dedicated,the strong one,the wild one,the crazy one inside of you

I know every part of you

Use them now right now !

Stand up and use them.

All parts inside of you.

Let them fight for you

Its time to bed the little boy

There is no way i will give you permission to step down.

You are so close to get your breakthrough

You never know how close you are

Do you ?

I am telling you the truth


I will never talk to the old you

The old you is dead

So why should i talk to the dead you ?

I will rather use time on the strong great parts inside of you

Thats the only way we can get you on track

Im calling right now on the outstanding parts inside of you

I am actually screaming at them to come out

Why shout at the devil ? I will rather scream and shout at the gold you have.

Its time to manifest right here and now

Its time to scream out from the roof who you are

I am strong !

I am free  !

I have no limits  !

I will not accept nothing better than maximum in all i do !

Do you see ?

I know you just felt much better just to say that.Especially when you say that with your whole body,mind and soul.

Demand this every day

Demand your life tp reach beyond your potential

Do you understand what i mean ?

Do you agree ?

If this dosent  trigger you ,i cant do more for you

So listen !

Its time

Its time to put your feet on what is yours.

Are you ready ?

Hey rock star

You want to change  your life.

You want to take action.

You want to be more successful.

You want to live on purpose.

You need a coach !

I wanna be that coach for you.

My clients are rockstars like you.

Stop procrastinate. Organize your life. Get less angry.
Discover more purpose, motivation, and success.

I don’t just talk about taking action. I will make you take action.

Thats the reason you will get results. You will  move forward and you will grow.


How does coaching make this happen?

First, it increases awareness. We take time to look at your life from the outside.

Second, it gets emotions under control. Emotional management is A MUST to make progress.

Finally, it demands massive action. I insist on making commitments and following through for OUTSTANDING RESULTS.

Coaching is not therapy. I don’t explore your past or try to make sense of your childhood.

We simply start where you are and move forward.

It’s a future focused, mind-blowing process.

Here’s the deal…

I have combined all my tools into a one to one coaching program.

If you want to join and be my coaching client, here’s how it works…

It’s a coaching program designed for clients who want lasting change..

You can enroll by inbox me.

Your life is about to change.

You are the hero.

I’m the guide.

Don’t stay lost.

Start today !

Dont talk so much

Don’t talk so much

Just do it.

You know ,I’m so tired of your big mouth.

When will you take action ? Really.

I mean it.

Now ! Today its time .

Not tomorrow

or Next week

Dont bla bla me.

I have heard this so many times

All your excuses.

Aren’t you tired of your own voice ?

Come on !

Do you wanna stand out or just be like all those around you ?

Actions matter.

Actions separate you from the crowd.

I heard this story so many times

No money

No time

No talent

To old

To young

Come on !

You know the truth !

Do you wanna be inside or outside of the game ?

Do you really wanna stand up ?

Do you really wanna see yourself closing the gap ?

Do you want this world to believe this ?

Then its time to take action

Don’t come with your talk about not being perfect.

Perfect will make you stay forever

Perfect will make you sleep

Perfect will never make you great

Perfect dont exist !

Your made for pushing trough all limits

Your made for conquer all evil in your own life

Stop looking on other people

Stand up for yourself today, and stop talk so much.

You want to do better ? You want to take action ? You want to be more successful ? You want to live on purpose.?You need a coach.I can be that coach for you.Let me help you be a rockstars.Let me help you not just talk about taking action. I will make you take action.You will get results.

How to stop stress


 This is sure a busy time of year, isn’t it?

I will write about how to stay in the flow when your schedule is busting , but then I got a better idea after the week’s commitments culminated into a lot of stress.  You know those moments, right?

Im talking about when you realize your chest is tight, you feel fatigued,  mind is racing, and you’re wondering how to “get it all done.”  The idea of inner peace in these moments can be more than a concept.

I want you to start paying more attention.

When stress peaks to new heights and you feel uncomfortably stressed, it’s time to stop what you’ve found yourself in. In this intense moment of stress gently start focus on what you really want.  Make it a fun game.  Easy breathing and a calm center is your prize. Make it to a ritual through the day. Stop op and listen to your heart !

I am the expert


Just think about this for a minute or two.If you was born awesome , why do you still have all this doubt ? Why bother yourself with this self torture ? Why listen when people straight out say they dont believe in you ? Isn’t this about you listening to much of what going on outside of you , instead of listening to the voice inside of you. When your taking your time, you know the real truth about you. If you cant find this voice inside of you, you really have a problem. Isn it  when you meet challenges, events or  people you can’t control ,this doubt  is coming up ?  And i understand.

Do you know why ? It is because the voice outside us is so strong .Through a day we are meeting so many voices and they all want our attention. So what can we do ? What can you do to stop this attack on your brain ? We cant fly away or escape in any way. I know many people who exactly do that. They escape inside of them self like a  turtle.

You know this intellectual . You know that you need more help than just a chat with your best friend. Chatting with your best friend will just make you feel good in the moment and after a couple of days your back again. And do you know why ? Because your friend is not a expert on what is going on in your brain. You friend is a expert in all your syntoms. He or she dosent know how to deal with the source of your problem. You need a expert who can help you kill the rats and to get out all garbage in your house. You need a expert. Wait, dident you go to a school to learn something from a person who knew more than you  ? It’s the same about your life. Maybe you are a expert in all your syntoms but not in how to deal with the source. Wanna grow and have progress in your life ? Go to a person that knows more about life than yourself.

This is the reason you need a coach. You need to have a person on your side ,who can remind you of who you are. Not remind you of all the failure, or what you don’t have. Who of your friends talk about this ? Who of your friend worry about your language pattern, or what you are saying to yourself or your rituals through the day ? I guess nobody. My experience is that most of our friends wanna talk about what doesn’t work. How hard life is. About the time, people, kids, how tuff life is and spouse that don’t do what or how they want .Do you really think this will help you raise the bar in your life ? Will this help you to get progress in your life ? Will this help you get the life you really want ? This is the reason people don’t get the life they want. They don’t have support from people around them. Or more important : They dont have support from a expert.What you need , is a person that can help you condition your dedication to a new life. Why does every football team or sportsmen have a coach ? Why ? Because a coach can help them get out their potential. A good coach will give them: a personal message, ordeals, and speak directly when homework is not done. A good coach will help you raise the bar in every area of your life.

So how can it be that your still waiting ? What are you waiting for ? Don’t you really want to take the step today ? Don’t  you wanna make it more easy for yourself to get the life you want ? You can do it by yourself .Of course, but i doubt you will get the insight and leverage on yourself like a coach can get on you. For only one reason: To get the best out of your life. To make you live out your potential. If you wanna raise the bar: Let me tell  you: Its not enough to have a brilliant idea or a positive thought now and then. Its about a whole new lifestyle. Its about a new identity that will cost you blood and sweat. And maybe your closest friends will not understand you any more. Then you must ask yourself : Isn’t this my life ? What is most important for me ? Don’t let it go so far that all your dreams one day will  die out.

A Breakthrough session



So you can make a decision today.If you want you can do whatever you decide to.
What can really stop you? Your living with to many options ? Maybe ,i don’t know.I don’t know your life situation right now.Only you know.You know what the next step will be.So tell me,do you know ? What is your outcome for this year ? Do you know or have you never thought about that at all ? Some people live their life with no specific outcome.Not even for this day.Im not talking about you.Im talking about some other people.
Do you know how powerful a outcome can have on our life ? Its so powerful and can have beyond effect on our life.The question is not about : Do we have potential in life ? The question is : Do you believe this ? Its our believes that is stopping us from getting what we really really want in life.Its really not the lack of dreams or goals.You can put up so many goals you want and still not take actions .Why ? Because you don’t believe in your own goals and dreams.Its like your believe have a voice inside of you,saying: are you kidding me ? So what do you think need to change ? Our believes .Its not what you want thats gonna change your life.It is what you believe or not believe thats gonna change your life.So you can make so many decisions you want ,and still nothing gonna happen.Living a life with this incongruence gonna mess up your dreams and goals.Its time to do something about this.Me as a coach can help you.I can help you get rid of this incongruence in life.You better do this as fast as possible if this is you.I can promise you ,that the result from a session with me gonna help you out of this.I think its time.Time to take your life serious.Time to get out of that trap.Your worth it.MAKING A Bold decision with believes that supporting your dreams and goals gonna make you powerful and dangerous.Really .Why ? Because nothing can stop you.When we connect with our true potential ,theres no limit.Nothing can really stop us,except negative believes about our self and our goals.Dont you think its time to take away whats stopping you ?
Reach out to me and get a Breakthrough 20 min free session .Send me a message on inbox.

Is this you ?



Hey !
I will just tell you how awesome you are.Your not just talking about taking the next step.Your actually gonna do this right now.Your taking huge steps outside the comfort zone.Thats the only way to accomplish whatever we want in life ,with massive actions.I can see your heart and desire in your jump .
I can promise you : We will find answers when we jump. Answers will never come without any kind of actions.
Con gratulation : You have now started a new journey.Its your journey and your taking back control over you life. You have decided that you will live your life on your terms.Nothing can control or stop a person who give their mind , heart to their dreams and goals.Nothing !
Im gonna follow you.Im gonna push you to your limits and make you live out your potential .Sometimes you will find me awesome and sometimes you will find me weird ,but you know that I’m her for you to help you all the way through.And do you know ? This is what you really really want.This is your dream.This is why you have made this comittment .
I will offer you this :  End of 2016 , gonna be awesome.
Condition is everything.To have me as your personal coach,means im  gonna help you push your limits.Find answers inside of yourself.Understand fully whats going on in your life.Lets get rid of every pattern thats stealing your energy.Lets find tools thats gonna change not just you,but every person around you in your life.
Im so extited for you.I love when people stand up for them self.I love when people make bold decision .This is not about me.This is a decision and a comittment for yourself and this world.No sportsmen,or people with success in this world have done it all by themself. They have a coach pushing them,asking and make them go deeper inside of them to find their true potential in life.Knowing ourself is  maximum power.Knowing our heart is the force that can overcome everything in life.Knowing our why will take us through every storm and fire.Its all about design our life the way we want. Its all about : set us self up to win the game of life.Coming back to the perfect and unic label God created us to be.We are all Gods perfect children in his eyes.We are truly happy when we find back to the core of who we really are.