Godt nyttår til dere alle



Many of us live our lives worrying or caring

about what other people think of us.

it’s human nature to want to be liked and

approved of by the tribe around us.

We live life by doing

and saying things in order to please others,

not because it’s what we believe in or

where our heart is.

There’s a problem when a fear

of criticism or judgment drowns out your

inner voice.

This fear is one of the biggest reasons why

people don’t go after what they want.

Eventually our lives become molded by

how we think other people perceive us.

What will my work mates think if I speak

out? Are those people talking about me

behind my back? If I take this job, what

will my family and friends think of me?

And so on….

It can be exhausting living a life that

follows the ideal notions of what other

people think and can have a negative

effect on your life.

It will become a self-fulfilling

prophecy, because the way we think

starts to become the way we behave.

You deserve to live your very best life

true to your authentic soul.

Find yourself

It really doesn’t matter

I mean what you think about me

What matters is what God think about me

Can i ask you ?

Why do you care ?

Don’t  you have your own life ?

If not,its time to get yourself a life

As you already know

I am not perfect

i am just a ordinary person,that are willing

I fail and fall often

But i always decide to stand up again,and come back stronger than ever

I have many scars

All the scars in my life will forever be my life lessons

I will remember them and never go back .

What really matter ,is God and the life mission he gave me

Not what you think about me

Not my weakness

Not all my failure.

You see….

I made a decision.

A decision to keep on walking

Keep on running

Keep on push back when life hit me in my face

When obstacles are like mountains ,then i connect with something deeper inside of me

The creator of everything –yod-heh-vav-heh

God !

With his grace i know i will reach a place in me that can deliver and take me through every thing

Then i mean everything

Having this faith and conviction inside of me are gold

And i want you to have and feel this in your life.

You deserve it

You are made for this

It doesn’t matter where you live,name,background and age.

Go deeper

Go inside of you

Go beyond what you can see with your own eyes

Find yourself again

Find the kid inside of you

There you will find :

Hope,smile, confidence in life and the future.

This will happen when you are :

Just you

There you will feel and know that you are good enough

Standout as a man

Many men have lost their identity and are out of touch with their authentic selves. Many men are confused . They are spending their days doing what they think they “should” be doing based on stereotypes and other people’s opinions on what being a man is.To be a better man you need to understand yourself and get to know who you really are. You can do this by exploring your inner world. Once a man became aware at this he can embrace positive masculine traits to improve his life. There is no right and wrong way to be a better man, it’s about embracing who you are and bringing out the masculine characteristics that lie latent inside of you.

Men control their world in a hierarchical system.This system fosters the idea that there is one person at the top and in charge. The hierarchical system is based on a competition which is all about being better and improvement.Men rule this world with the masculine traits of competition, power, and control.Men and masculine traits are not evil by design but men have this at the root of their belief system.

Masculine Role Models

Your father and any other adult males you knew in your early years are your first role models. From them you developed a sense of how to behave and the way to “be”. It’s likely that your early role models were themselves struggling to understand their masculinity and the typical male behaviours you picked up are not necessarily correct or the best choice to be made.

Later in life male role models are often famous macho movie characters and sportsmen. From these role models men learn to act in typical masculine ways.

Here is a short typical list ;

  • Watch sport
  • Drink alcohol
  • Fix things
  • Build things
  • Powerful emotion
  • Be competitive
  • Work hard
  • Wear certain clothes
  • Work hard irrespective of pleasure or return
  • Behave in a certain way towards women

The problem is that many men don’t fit the typical stereo type of what a man is and they certainly don’t want to behave in all of the ways listed above.

When you behave like a typical male is “supposed” to behave. When you do the things that you do, based on someone else’s opinion of being a man, then you are not being true to yourself. Behaving differently to your core identity leads to insecurity in regard to your masculinity.When you behave this way it is your attempt to stop other males questioning your masculinity. What happens however is that unless you have a strong sense of self, then you yourself question your masculinity. You end up doing what you “should” instead of what you want and this is bad for your soul.

Men who behave in an exaggerated masculine way are often covering weakness and vulnerability.Remember this is an individual thing and it’s very difficult for you to look at someone else and make a judgement call on their behaviour without an understanding of the thoughts that led them there.

Many men feel alone and isolated from their peers. They have friendships that are more like acquaintances as a result of competition. This masculine trait used in a negative way, common with men, means that each man is continually competing against other men. This leads to the male population being alone. Not being able to rely on one another as they see each and every other male as a competitor for jobs, status and women.

Men are often unable to display vulnerability, admit mistakes and are pretending to be far more “manly” than they really feel. This has taught men to cover up certain traits that show vulnerability or do not fit stereotypical male traits from the fear that they will be labelled “a girl”. In this situation hiding your vulnerabilities from another may be the best course of action but you may have been made to feel as if there is something wrong with you because you have feelings and emotions. You see other men as being tougher and without this perceived handicap. You end up blocking the faculty of feeling and this is extremely dangerous to you as a human being. It leads to loss of direction in life, disconnection to your internal world and if not corrected, depression.

By following the male crowd and ignoring your true self you will lose your identity as a man. You need to look internally and embrace who you really are.You have both masculine and feminine traits within you and it’s important to balance the two. 

Here are
some positive masculine traits that will make you a better man,

  • Action
  • Ambition
  • Progress, transformation and growth
  • Direction
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Concentration and focus
  • Responsibility
  • Strength
  • Being a father
  • Encouragement which is positive forward movement
  • Intellect
  • Material abundance

These are all great masculine qualities and to be a better man you need to search within and find these types of qualities and bring them out into the world in a practical way. Look at the list of positive masculine traits above. Don’t try to fit yourself to this list. Look at which positive masculine traits you have. Perhaps you can see all of these traits in you – perhaps only one? How can you express these traits and move away from the negative traits.

Here’s an example for the trait – action

  • Can you create action in a team environment without creating competition within your team?

To find your authentic self you need to look internally and focus on your true desires irrespective of what they are and how they fit into your community’s accepted idea of what’s normal for a male.

You do this by examining and questioning your behaviour when it comes to typical masculine things. Have a look at something masculine that you do and explore and question why you do it? This will lead to you discovering what you really like and lead you to be your authentic self.

Here are the steps you need to do to look internally and get to know yourself. They need to be done constantly until they become habit;

1. You need to first raise your energy vibration.This is done by changing your negative inputs to positive. Associate with positive people,  laugh, getting closer to the nature , music, exercise and meditation. One of the most powerful ways of getting a positive feeling flowing through you is being grateful. This is an attitude and on its own can completely change your life.

2. You need to learn and practice the ability to be present.

3. You need to learn and practice the ability to stand apart from your thought process and see what your thoughts actually are.

4. Once you have practiced and gained strength in the first two steps – you will be able to pinpoint the thoughts that occur as they lead to an emotion. An emotional situation is often complicated and filled with multiple lines of thinking and you need to tackle each one individually.

5. You need to dissolve your emotional blocks around each negative situation.

6. On an individual event basis once relief has been achieved, you can then create action and change. Change becomes easier because you have changed an underlying belief by exposing and facing a fear.

I can lead you through this process for some amazing results.


Who are you ?

 It may seem like a weird straightforward question. Most would answer by giving their name without giving it to much thought. However, on a deeper reflection, do you really understand who you are ?

The majority of people in the world today are trying very hard to conform to what someone else wants them to be. It happens at many levels. For instance, television bombards us with images of how we should look, talk and dress, what we should eat and drink, what car we should drive and even what kind of person we should marry. We look around us for things that will help us define who we are. In-fact the majority of people have no sense of identity apart from the clothes they wear, the car they drive, where they live, who they are married to and so on. I think its time for you to redefine who you are today.

If we had to strip you of everything you own and leave you on some island away from everything you think defines you, would you still have a clear sense of who you are? So i will ask you again ; Who are you?

Discover the real you 

Some would think of themselves in terms of their body. The image of their face and body defines who they are. If we were to remove you from your body, would you still know who you are? It sounds weird, I know, but understand that man is a spirit; he lives in a body and has a soul. Your body is simply a means of expressing yourself and interacting with your physical environment.

So your body is not really who you are. At the core of it, you are more than that. In-fact that is why it is so hard for people to fully understand and appreciate who they are. Who you are cannot be seen, touched, heard or tasted. 

So who are  you really ?

The concept of self in the true form is something beyond our physical bodies and senses. We are super complex beings. We cannot be defined by the things around us, but by the things within us. 

Discover your true identity

Our true identity, lies within us, not outside of us. We should define who we are based on  our values, principles and beliefs. It’s okay to have material things and all, but they should not be what define who you are. They are just things that are there to make our lifes easier. 

Discover the real you – the answer lies within

Look within yourself, not without. Most of us go almost all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves.It may seem like an overstatement, but it is so. Many lack an understanding of who they are, without which they are unable to know what they care capable of achieving in life. In the days of slavery in Europe and America this was well understood. Black people were forced to change their names to Western names so they would not remember who they really were. Have you forgotten who you are ? Furthermore, they were banned from knowing how to read or write. That should make the lights flash in someone’s head. The reason this was done was that their masters knew that if they knew how to read they would discover many things, not only about the world around them, but about themselves. Their minds would be stretched to new levels of understanding.

Choose not to live in ignorance about who you are and what you can do. Decide today to discover more about yourself and to start on the journey of self discovery. My best recommendation – read ! Without it, you may never know who you really are.Get so much knowledge you can and live it.

The truth

The most powerful moment in you life is right now.


Right now !

In this moment you are powerful

You have it all

Right now !

and thats the reason you can do whatever you want

Right now

No one can stop you.

There are no limitation

Has never been,and will never be.

Since the day you was born you was powerful and still are.

Lets go back

So if you was born perfect

If you was born with now limitation

Something must gone wrong on the way.

Don’t you agree ?

Theres a gap

Or do you live out your maximum potential today ?

What is your potential ?

Do you know ?

Who told you that you wasn’t perfect ?

Who told you that ?

Why did you listen ?

Who told you that you must accept everything every body tells you ?

Who ?

Is that not a lie ?

Because you don’t need to.

You are powerful

Get yourself a great compass


The first step to setting goals that will bring you an awesome life is to setting goals that makes you excited every day.

Most goals are about a destination. “I want a million dollars.” “I want enlightenment.” “I want a truck.”


Think about setting goals as a life direction. Figure out the things that will create a fun, meaningful, compelling  excited journey.

Ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to spend my life ?
  2. How do i want to spend my time ?
  3. What daily activities will make me want to jump out of bed?
  4. Who can i hang out with,talk with,collaborate with and do this journey with ?

Now set your goal. Choose one that will create the journey you just designed.

In fact, the specific goal you set ,it’s simply setting a direction for the life that you want. With the right journey, it won’t even matter if you reach your goal.


As you can see, the goal is really just a way of making sure we take a meaningful journey. Some journeys are so much fun, people stay on them forever. Your goal is there to excite you, not to enslaves you. If the pursuit of the goal is draining your life, then why keep it? Then change your goal.

We adopt goals for one reason : to change our lives.  Choose the journey that for you would be awesome. The function for a goal ,is like a compass for your life .

And if you ever feel your direction needs changing, change your goal. Because it’s not about where you end up, it’s about the life you live every day. Your life is too precious to settle for less than a outstanding life.

Hey liar

Can you tell me whats going on in your life right now ? I don’t know.You know it .Before i even will look on you,i need you to come with nothing but the truth to me.The truth matter.Not just now ,but in every situation.

Why does people lie ? They lie because they think the lie will save them out of the pain.No one like pain. BUT , No lie will really ever save you from pain.In the moment ,you will feel like your saving your face and life but you don’t. Your just going deeper into your chaos.

Its time to stand up.Take responsibility back in your life.Its time to be a man.Time to be that woman.Its time to be what you are born to be.Not just blame other people when your life suck.When you don’t like whats going on in your life,Its you ,you that create everything.You create whats going on inside of you.You create all the negative feelings inside of you.Not me,not your friends or spouse.Its you !

Thats the fist step,if you want another direction and a better life.If you wanna get rid of all this negative emotions inside of you.Get out of yourself !Get out of this ego.Nothing in this world is just about  you.When its all about you,you will get depressed and not happy.The ego don’t care of other people.The ego care about you and no one else,and thats the problem .The ego want you to be perfect and thats a lie.No one cane ever be perfect.Perfect don’t excist.

So the first step is to give me the truth.Without filters like thoughts and feelings about how you mean people treat you or should treat you.No one will dance the way you want them to dance.Just get used to it.

Are you ready to give me and yourself the whole truth ?

You are dead

No way you can stop now.

Don’t let a little storm stop you

Dont let anything stop you.

Don’t you be that little boy or girl again.

Don’t cry, it will never help you

When was the last time crying did help you ?

Do you know whats really gonna help you ?

When you stand up for yourself.

When you show for yourself and this world that you have balls

When you do what you are meant to be

If you just could listen to the spirit and heart inside of you.

Thats THE REAL ENGINE inside of you.

There is no way i will let you step down.

I am here to back you up

I am here to back up the REAL YOU.

Not the crying boy

Thats not you.

I can see the real you

The power ,the dedicated,the strong one,the wild one,the crazy one inside of you

I know every part of you

Use them now right now !

Stand up and use them.

All parts inside of you.

Let them fight for you

Its time to bed the little boy

There is no way i will give you permission to step down.

You are so close to get your breakthrough

You never know how close you are

Do you ?

I am telling you the truth


I will never talk to the old you

The old you is dead

So why should i talk to the dead you ?

I will rather use time on the strong great parts inside of you

Thats the only way we can get you on track

Im calling right now on the outstanding parts inside of you

I am actually screaming at them to come out

Why shout at the devil ? I will rather scream and shout at the gold you have.

Its time to manifest right here and now

Its time to scream out from the roof who you are

I am strong !

I am free  !

I have no limits  !

I will not accept nothing better than maximum in all i do !

Do you see ?

I know you just felt much better just to say that.Especially when you say that with your whole body,mind and soul.

Demand this every day

Demand your life tp reach beyond your potential

Do you understand what i mean ?

Do you agree ?

If this dosent  trigger you ,i cant do more for you

So listen !

Its time

Its time to put your feet on what is yours.

Are you ready ?

Hey rock star

You want to change  your life.

You want to take action.

You want to be more successful.

You want to live on purpose.

You need a coach !

I wanna be that coach for you.

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Discover more purpose, motivation, and success.

I don’t just talk about taking action. I will make you take action.

Thats the reason you will get results. You will  move forward and you will grow.


How does coaching make this happen?

First, it increases awareness. We take time to look at your life from the outside.

Second, it gets emotions under control. Emotional management is A MUST to make progress.

Finally, it demands massive action. I insist on making commitments and following through for OUTSTANDING RESULTS.

Coaching is not therapy. I don’t explore your past or try to make sense of your childhood.

We simply start where you are and move forward.

It’s a future focused, mind-blowing process.

Here’s the deal…

I have combined all my tools into a one to one coaching program.

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